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Borovets is one of the biggest ski resorts in Bulgaria, located on 1300 meters above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila mountain just under peak Musala. It is easy accessible from all parts of the country, 70 km from Sofia and 120 km from Plovdiv.


The bulgarian ski resort Borovets has 24 ski runs with total lenght of 58 km. They are with different difficulty which makes them suitable for beginner, advanced and expert skiers, as well as snowboarding, ski running and ski biathlon.


The ski running paths have total lenght of 35 kilometers with a minimal width 6 meters, according to FIS requirements. In "Shiroka polyana" and "Varnika" are the ski paths for long distance running with lenghts of 3.5 and 10 km.


There are three main ski centers in this bulgarian ski destination: "Sitnyakovo", "Yastrebetz" and "Markudzhik".


The ski jump platform is 70 meters high, located in ski center "Central Borovets".